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A Blend You Won't Find Elsewhere for Your Best Skin - the Signature Fruit Blend

A Blend You Won't Find Elsewhere for Your Best Skin - the Signature Fruit Blend

Posted 23.10.2023

Did you know that our range is powered by a unique Signature Fruit Blend? Made up of a trio of Bramley apples, raspberries, and strawberries, each fruit has been selected due to their  skin-conditioning properties, and can be found in every single one of our products.

So, what's in our Signature Fruit Blend?

Bramley Apple: As well as being a tasty treat, the Bramley apple is an antioxidant powerhouse. Bramley apples are like your skin's personal bodyguards, defending against those pesky free radicals that can age you prematurely. We all know how much we love our skin looking young and fresh, right? Thanks to these antioxidants, it's in the bag!

Raspberry: This one's like a skincare superhero. Packed with Vitamin C, raspberries are all about helping your skin produce collagen. Collagen is like the building blocks for smooth, plump skin. You know those fine lines and wrinkles? Well, they're in for a surprise when you give your skin a Vitamin C boost with our raspberry-infused goodies.

Strawberry: Say goodbye to excess oil! Strawberries are your skin's BFF when it comes to balancing oil production. If you've ever had a little too much shine on your T-zone, you'll appreciate this addition to our blend. Plus, the extra Vitamin C doesn't hurt – it's like an instant mood boost for your skin.

Why the My Olivanna Signature Fruit Blend?

Our signature fruit blend isn't just a blend! We've carefully chosen these super-fruit extracts, and they're all responsibly sourced right here in the UK. That means you're not only getting the best for your skin but also supporting local farmers and our beautiful planet. It's a win-win, all around!

Where you can find it?

It's super simple! Just pick up one of our My Olivanna products, and you'll instantly have the power of the Bramley apple, raspberry, and strawberry super-fruit extracts, along with all of our other super-fruits and natural ingredients at your fingertips.