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Double Cleansing: The secret to achieving the skin of your dreams

Double Cleansing: The secret to achieving the skin of your dreams

Posted 09.06.2023

Let's dive into the magical world of double cleansing!

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is as easy as it sounds - cleansing your face with two different types of cleansers. Choosing which two cleansers to use and which cleansers work well together can be a bit of trial and error, so luckily for you, our Double Cleanse Duo skips all the hard work for you! (Plus you get a super cute microfibre face cloth to accompany your cleansing). 

The first step is all about breaking down makeup, SPF, and melting away the day's grime. This is where our Apple AHA Foam Wash comes to the rescue!

This foamy superhero gently washes away impurities, dirt, and makeup while giving your skin a gentle exfoliation all at once. Dead skin, be gone! Packed full of some of nature's best ingredients including Apple Amino Acids, Apple Fruit Water, and Aloe Vera Juice, say hello to a smoother and more radiant complexion.

The second step is all about getting deep into those pores, giving them a little TLC, and ensuring every last trace of makeup is banished. Enter our Pineapple Milky Cleanser, the ultimate hydrating sidekick!

This creamy goodness works its magic, cleansing your skin deep within the pores, leaving no room for leftover makeup or impurities. Containing Pineapple Enzyme and White Willow Bark Extract, your skin is not only left hydrated and soft, but also glowing. Result!

Now, you might be wondering why double cleansing is such a game-changer. Well, think about it. Your skin faces various challenges throughout the day, from pollution to makeup, sweat, and excess oil. By incorporating double cleansing into your routine, you're ensuring that every inch of your skin gets the love and care it deserves. It's like hitting the reset button for your face, every single day!

So, are you ready to take your skincare routine to the next level? Get your hands on our Double Cleanse Duo, and let the magic unfold. Say goodbye to dullness, hello to a smoother complexion, and embrace the glow.