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Your Routine to Conquer Oily Skin this Summer

Your Routine to Conquer Oily Skin this Summer

Posted 08.08.2023

Ah, Summer — the season of sun-soaked days, sandy beaches, and unfortunately, that uninvited guest some of us all know too well: oily skin! As the temperatures rise, so does the production of sebum...unfortunately. But fear not, we've got the ultimate routine to help you avoid being an oily hot-mess and keep your complexion glowing like the sun.

Why Does Oily Skin Take Center Stage in Summer?

Picture this: the sun is beaming, your sweat glands are working overtime to keep you cool, and your pores are practically throwing an oil party. Blame it on the heat and humidity; these environmental factors ramp up sebum production, leading to that shiny, and often frustrating appearance of oily skin.

The Oil Combatting Routine You Need

Introducing three super-fruit-packed products that promise to put an end to your oily skin woes.

1. Apple AHA Foam Wash

Containing the magic of our very own unique Fruit Mix AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), this foamy formulation gently exfoliates, smoothens, and brightens your skin. Say goodbye to those dead skin cells and the oil they cling onto. It's like a fruity dance party for your face, and your pores are invited! Start your day by lathering up with the Apple AHA Foam Wash. Let those fruit AHAs work their magic, and feel your skin get a refreshing wake-up call.

2. Strawberry Seed Oil Moisturiser

Give your skin the TLC it craves with our strawberry-infused wonder. Not only does it keep your skin plump and hydrated, but it also contains Sugar Kelp Extract, a balancing wizard that keeps oil levels in check. No more over-production of sebum, just pure radiance. After cleansing, apply the Strawberry Seed Oil Moisturiser. Let the hydration sink in while the Sugar Kelp Extract works to balance those pesky oil levels.

3. T-Zone Stick

Us oily girls know the drill - the midday shine that feels like it's got its own spotlight. Enter the T-Zone Stick, your new BFF for on-the-go mattifying. Packed with Tapioca Starch to absorb unwanted oils, and the skin-texture-refining powers of Ginger Cells, this little gem will keep you looking fresh even during the hottest of heatwaves. Throughout the day, whip out your T-Zone Stick whenever you need an instant pick-me-up.

This summer, oily skin won't rain on your parade. With the help of these fruity wonders, you can confidently face the sun, the beach, and all those outdoor adventures without worrying about your complexion turning into a slick canvas. Embrace the shine, control the oil, and let your radiant self steal the spotlight wherever you go!