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Goal Chaser? Tips to Keep Motivated all 2023

Goal Chaser? Tips to Keep Motivated all 2023

Posted 30.01.2023

Motivation is absolute key to achieving those 2023 goals! However, it’s totally okay to not be 100% motivated every single day and some days all we want to do is snuggle up, binge on a series, and do the absolute bare minimum. Although, if you’re finding yourself doing the bare minimum more times than not, then girl, you’re gonna want to read our tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated.

1. Get creative and design a vision board

Time to load up Pinterest and pin all the images that represent what you’d like your life to look like/be like. Dreaming of the Dior lip oil? Pin it. Once you’ve pinned your dream life, print them all out and glue them onto an A3 card and have it up in your room somewhere. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just make all the images into a collage and set as your phone’s wallpaper. Being able to see your goals and dream life daily will push you to work for them.

2. Come up with a plan

Now that you know what you want your life to be like, you’ll need to come up with a plan – short-term and long-term. If your goal is to get the top grade in your exams, then you know you’ll have to revise hard for it. So, incorporate revision into your daily timetable, and start early! If you want to have a healthier life, then plan out what you’d like your life to consist of.

3. Self-care always

Your physical and mental health play a big role in keeping you motivated. Taking just 10 minutes to apply skincare whilst listening to music with a lit candle will really help you keep happy and relaxed. You can shop our super-fruit powered natural skincare here. It’s a form of therapy, trust me!

4. Don’t forget to reward yourself

Keeping motivated and hitting goals is hard, so always celebrate the small wins. Whether you woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual, managed to do a 10-minute workout, or jumped a grade in a test, celebrate it! Rewarding yourself for completing mini goals will keep you motivated and push you to achieve your main goals.

5. Keep healthy

Just like self-care plays a role in your physical and mental health, so does keeping healthy. Always start the day with a glass of water and a good breakfast to awaken your mind and fuel you with enough energy to smash your goals. Try to incorporate some exercise into your day too whether that be a 10 minute walk outside for some fresh air.

6. Keep a gratitude journal

Whilst you strive to reach your goals, always remember to be grateful for what your life is like now. Every morning, spend 5 minutes writing down what you are thankful for. On bad days, don't forget to write down your feelings too - this is a great way to avoid bottling up negative emotions.

7. Positivity always

Always surround yourself with people that are positive, you don’t want any bad energy in the air! Whether that be through who you follow on social media, or in real life, this will shift your view on life, help with your mindset, and push you to reach your goals.

Let’s hit those goals!