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Super Fruit-Powered Strawberry Seed Moisturiser For Dry Skin

One of the biggest advantages of growing up in the 21st century is we’re much more knowledgeable about skincare.

Easy access to professional dermatologists on YouTube has enabled generation Z to establish a great skincare routine early on.  Long gone are the days in the 1990s when people used oil stripping, astringent cleansers to tackle problems like acne. Most people now know it’s best to use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t disrupt the skincare barrier. 

If you suffer from dry skin, it’s important to pick a moisturiser that’s on the richer side. However, you want a formula with natural ingredients that won’t clog the pores and cause breakouts. Those with oilier skin should opt for a lighter product.

Find the perfect cleanser and moisturiser for dry skin.

My olivanna specialises in high quality, scientifically-proven skincare designed for teenage skin. 

Among our collections is our Strawberry Seed Moisturiser which is ideal for anyone who suffers from dry skin during the winter season. When matched with our Pineapple Milky Cleanser, it’s the ideal routine for teens with this type of skin.

If you’re looking to treat someone this Christmas season, our My Morning Glow Kit is the perfect introduction to our skincare for teen skin. Perfect for tacking dull skin during the darkest, gloomiest time of year, it contains our Pineapple Milky Cleanser, Strawberry Seed Moisturiser and Green Tea Eye Cream. It’s ideal for reviving someone’s complexion after those Christmas and New Year’s parties. 

Find out more about our scientifically proven skincare for teenage skin.