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Discover The Ultimate Oily Skin Skincare Kit For Teenagers

Due to the hormonal changes that occur, oily skin is most likely to occur during our teenage years. It’s particularly common in the t-zone, that area between and above the nose. 

Whether it’s due to exams or problems with your friends, stress can also make oily skin worse. That’s because it can increase the production of sebum. Studies also show that sugar and processed foods increase oil production and can increase the risk of acne. 

The weather can also have an impact on oil production. In particular, heat and humidity can have an impact, which is why autumn might be welcome for many! Check out our blog post on combating oily skin during summer and you’ll find some great tips to reduce this problem. This is brilliant if you’re heading on a last-minute holiday to a hotter location. 

With our My Exam and Study Kit, you’ll have everything needed to reduce oily skin. 

We also have a whole section dedicated to oily and problem skin. Currently reduced by 20%, this kit makes a wonderful Christmas gift for any teenager who has their GCSEs or A Levels coming up in 2024.

My olivanna also has a Mini Travel Kit which is ideal for both holidays and sleepovers. Included is everything needed to brighten, calm, hydrate and balance.

If you’re looking for great skincare kits for oily complexions, find out more about my olivanna. Or get in touch for more information.