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Natural Skincare Designed Specially For Young Skin

Generation Z are increasingly well-known for their excellent knowledge of skincare and which ingredients are best for their particular complexion. 

Many young people are amazed by the skincare products which older generations used. From heavy creams which didn't suit oily skin, to astringent cleansers, looking back it’s easy to see what mistakes we made. 

Unlike previous generations, generation Z has grown up with YouTube influencers, including dermatologists who can guide them in the right direction. 

Why pick skincare made using more natural ingredients?

We’ve made leaps and bounds when it comes to knowledge about ingredients and their efficacy. In particular, many of us prioritise using more plant or fruit-based formulas than in the past.

Natural ingredients are particularly important for younger skin which is prone to irritation and breakouts. If you frequently suffer from blackheads, acne or an oily forehead, you want to do everything possible to avoid exacerbating the problem. 

My Olivanna has many skincare products which will make wonderful gifts this Christmas season. Featured in Elle Magazine, all our cleansers, moisturisers and other products are made using fruit-based ingredients.

Our carefully selected kits are ideal for helping teenagers get started and establish a routine. 

This range includes our My Skin 101 Kit that helps cleanse, hydrate and maintain a flawless complexion any time of the year. It’s ideal for anyone who finds the world of skin products confusing and isn’t sure where to start. 

Explore our latest natural skincare products for young skin. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.