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Our Morning Glow Skincare Kit For Radiant Complexions

Fed up with waking up in the morning with dull, lack-lustre skin?

Nobody wants to be rushing to school or college when they have a skin nightmare on their hands. Fortunately, applying the right products before and after going to bed can make a big difference to your complexion. 

With our Morning Glow Skincare Kit designed for teenage skin, you’ll wake up looking refreshed and radiant. Ideal for those who suffer from dull skin, this skincare kit contains three well-loved products:

  • Pineapple milky cleanser which contains pineapple enzyme to unclog dirty pores and brighten the skin’s surface. Pineapple extracts are renowned for containing Bromelain: a range of enzymes which naturally exfoliate the skin, giving you a smoother and more even toned skin texture
  • Strawberry seed moisturiser. Like all our products, this moisturiser is supercharged with a unique blend of superfruit extracts and antioxidants to ensure your skin glows even during the darkest days of winter. 
  • Green Tea Eye Cream. Ideal for giving you wide-awake eyes, even if you struggled to sleep well. 

  • Suitable for anyone aged 11 years and over, this kit makes a lovely gift for any young person starting their skincare journey. Since it contains products made using natural, fruity ingredients, it won’t irritate acne prone skin. 

    Designed for adolescent skin, my olivanna has a range of kits to suit all skin types. No matter if you battle with oily or dry skin, our vegan-friendly skincare contains top-class ingredients. 

    Explore our latest skincare kits for teenagers or contact us for more details.