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Seeking The Perfect Skincare Products For Combination Skin?

Combination skin can seem like the most difficult to deal with. However, you can also think of it as an excuse to invest in a variety of awesome skincare products.

Combination skin means you have  oily skin in some areas of your face but dry skin in other areas. Usually, it’s the t-zone (the forehead, nose, and chin) which are most prone to oiliness whilst the dry areas are usually found on the cheeks, jaw area, and along the hairline.

One approach is to find products that target a problem area, such as dry patches or an oilier forehead.

If you have combination skin, it’s best to avoid products with harsh ingredients like high amounts of alcohol or fragrance. That’s why our gorgeously packaged fruit-powered skincare is a fantastic choice for young, combination skin. 

In particular, our gentle AHA Foaming Apple Cleanser will enable you to keep your skin soft, supple and vibrant. Not only is it sulphate-free, it gently exfoliates using a unique blend of fruit AHAs.

Here at my olivanna many of our skincare kits are ideal for combination skin.

Made using natural ingredients like green tea, strawberry seed, pineapple milk and  apple, we love helping young people with all skin types nourish, protect and cleanse their skin. 

Our My Exam and Study Kit is ideal for keeping your complexion glowing, even during those stressful times. 

If you’re looking for the best skincare products for combination skin, check out our latest range today.