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Hydrating Green Tea Eye Cream For Tired Eyes

Late nights partying with friends and studying for exams can lead to tired eyes. Puffy eyes can be caused by either tiredness or stress, and occur when blood circulation in the eye area slows down, leading to the blood to pool there.

Cold compresses are one of the best ways to deal with this problem, which is why our Rose Quartz Facial Roller is so effective. It’s brilliant for depuffing eyes, increasing blood flow and boosting your complexion.

The skin around our eyes is more delicate than elsewhere on our face, because it doesn't contain as much subcutaneous fat, nor have as many oil glands. When it comes to choosing products, it therefore deserves extra-special treatment. 

Taking care of your undereyes early on is crucial for delaying the earliest signs of aging as long as possible. 

Our Green Tea Eye Cream is ideal for awakening and brightening tired eyes. 

Because green tea contains caffeine, it’s great for using on the skin under your eyes. This natural ingredient improves the elasticity of the skin in this area, potentially reducing dark circles and pigmentation. It also contains tannins which can tighten the skin, reducing puffiness further.

Featured in Elle Magazine, our Natural Eye Cream ideal for reducing puffiness and making you look bright, wide-awake and ready for anything.

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