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Suffering From Tired Eyes? Discover Our Eye Cream For Teen Skin

The skin around your eyes is some of the most fragile. The scientific name for this part of your face is the ‘periorbital area’. 

Here, there is a lack of oil glands, which means it is susceptible to dryness and irritation. There’s also less collagen and elastic fibres around the eyes, which can contribute towards fine lines in later age. Fortunately, in teen skin you’re more likely to be worried about dark shadows. 

A bright and smooth under eye is essential for making your eye make-up look its best. 

What causes shadows under the eyes?

For young people, this problem is usually caused by tiredness, whether due to exam stress, waiting for those GCSE results, or late-night partying. Eye strain can also cause dark circles. However, some people are more genetically vulnerable to this problem.

Our green tea eye cream is the perfect introduction to our collection for teen skin. 

Featuring a handy roller application, it’s a real pleasure to use and brilliant for calming the skin around the eyes. It will produce silky smooth skin, reducing puffiness, brightening eye circles and making you look wide awake. 

Since it has a cooling application, it’s perfect for using even during the height of summer. 

Find out more about our eye cream for teen skin. Or take a browse through the rest of our collection.